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Prayer Partners


We are also going to be offering a program called “Prayer Partners.” People who are interested will submit their names. After a few weeks of collecting names, we will randomly select two (2) people to be prayer partners to pray for and with. The prayer pairs would offer each other encouragement and support in their efforts to grow in their prayer lives. They might share joys and concerns (personal, local, national, global) or go wherever the Spirit made lead. These individuals would covenant with each other to be in regular communication (face to face, text, email) whatever works best for them. I would hope that the prayer partners would be able to arrange to meet in person at least once a month. During the year we would provide opportunities for all those participating in this particular ministry to come together for sharing and fellowship. The purpose behind the random selection is to bring people together who might not otherwise engage each other. It is hoped that these relationship will help to strengthen the spiritual foundation upon which our church might grow and thrive.

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