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Family in Need – How we can help

, St. Peter’s Music Director, has bought to our attention a family in need that is now living in their church’s parsonage in Joliet. They need help to make this parsonage into a home for their young children. They need so many things and St. Peter’s is reaching out to its congregation and the community for assistance.

If you can provide any of the items below, or even provide money that St. Peter’s can use to purchase these items, please contact Wendy at the Church Office at or email her at

Please see the list of needed items below…


  • 7th grade girl 12 years old
  • 4th grade girl – tallish for her age – is 9 years old
  • 2nd grade girl 7 years old
  • 4 year old boy


  • Gas stove for kitchen


  • 3 dressers for children’s bedrooms
  • Small desks or study tables for bedrooms – for homework!
  • Large kitchen or dining room table with chairs — Kitchen is not an eat-in — too small. They have an old table and three chairs that they are using in the dining room supplemented by folding chairs from the church.
  • The parsonage has a wonderful, big front porch. Furniture of some sort would be great.
  • When asked what they needed for their bedrooms, the two younger girls both said they love bean bag chairs. They love red and pink.
  • Full length mirrors for the backs of bedroom closet doors. Remember this house is full of girls!


  • Hair dryer – to be used to install plastic over windows for the Winter.
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Heating pad – Mother was diagnosed with Diabetes and Lupus since they moved in Sept. 2nd.
  • Bath towels/wash clothes
  • Sleeping bags kids can use as throws
  • Assorted kitchen supplies
  • Small wastebaskets
  • Laundry baskets
  • Christmas will be coming soon. Christmas decorations?


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